Paypal Vs Skrill – Which Is Better For Playing Online Casino?

There has been a contentious discussion on which between PayPal vs Skrill offers a better e-Wallet service for online casino players. Answering this question requires a detailed analysis of both payment solutions especially considering compatibility, fees, bonuses and rewards. In this review, you will discover the best e-Wallet option for those with great interest in online casino games.

Perfect Wallet For The Casino

PayPal has a global acceptance of its payment solution; however, the online gaming platforms do not enjoy this trusted payment solution. In online casinos, Skrill has a wider coverage, unlike its alternative. The complexity of PayPal is one of the reasons it’s not widely accepted in the gaming world; while the use of Skrill among customers and operators of gamble reflects its ease of doing business.

Signing Up and Compatibility

You will have no issues with the registration processes of PayPal and Skrill. They are simple and doesn’t require extra ingenuity. Simply fill in your personal and banking information and once they are verified, you can start using any of them. While the registration is free, each of the e-Wallet solutions has varying transaction fees. The difference is the number of hours for completion of verification. Skrill only takes 24 hours while PayPal takes 48 hours for verification.

On the compatibility of the services, both e-Wallet offer supports to major gadgets such as your tablets, Smartphone, iOS and Android, etc. Noteworthy is that PayPal has dedicated Window Phone applications. This is a huge minus for Skrill even though its users are not limited to its usage.

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When it comes to playing online casino, PayPal is not readily available for the gambling niche, even though it is the most widely used e-Wallet system for all internet platforms. Only a few Casino firms offer the opportunity for users to withdraw using PayPal. Skrill in another development is everywhere and on almost all online gambling platforms. If you are a user of PayPal e-Wallet, you can search for the casinos with the PayPal payment options to aid your registration.


There are lots of differences when it comes to service fees for each of the e-Wallet. PayPal charges 3.4% in addition to £0.20 charge for every transaction using your credit card. But, you will never pay any fee when you are using your debit card or bank account. This is not the same with Skrill which has a complex setup with an associated charge of percentage fees for different payment solutions. On VISA withdrawals, Skrill bills 7.5% and £4.76 for each transaction on bank transfers. It’s essential to note that in this context, using your PayPal is preferable.

Bonus and Promotions

There are lots of bonuses for players but they are dependent upon your selected payment solution as well as your deposit. Thus, you need to consider a highly recommended payment method in the gaming world so that you can get your bonus when you deposit. In most instances, the big firms use Skrill owing to its ubiquity and ease of doing business. What you should endeavour to understand are the terms and conditions for bonuses since deposit is the criteria for accessing bonuses.

Finally, considering PayPal vs Skrill, the choice depends on you. Knowing that PayPal charges you 3.4% of the total figure withdrawn plus extra 20p, and Skrill charges a higher percentage of 4.9 on every transaction you made, Skrill is not cost-effective. Transferring money at 5% fee and free with Skrill vs PayPal, the choice is yours knowing that PayPal is not commonly accepted while Skrill is almost in all Casino.

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